Meet the Family Cidade Baixa


Anna Maria

the Mommy

Ana is a supermom. Enjoy being with children, loves listening to music, says that for her "sound is life." It is a claw woman, enterprising, optimistic and adventurous. We are always looking for new ideas. In the past month traveling with his son Rogério she wondered: "Something has to me. Something I'll find. For everything has a meaning. Nothing is in vain. " About his new family, CB Hostel, it says it wants to convey to its guests comfort and hospitality, want to feel at home. "If you need anything they can count on our family."


the Father

It can be defined in a "human" word. In order to sympathize and be ready to help their fellow men. Being "human" and be compatible are intrinsic characteristics of your soul. "Pulling" a conversation about farming and field, specifically how to grow rice, you will find a lot of history and subject. Moreover it is an eternal gaucho with foragers experiences shared with the stories of the big city. But be careful on the day of the fools (April 1) he can call you and ready one "gotcha".


the Bro

This boy is the youngest member of the family. It is extroverted while perfectionist. It has been a trainee at the Court of Justice, it is in the 2nd half of Multimedia Technology and is now a military! Considers Hostel as a great challenge because their responsibilities are greater than before. He traveled with his brother Roger to Portugal and Morocco, there certainly realized the greatness and the different possibilities that life can offer. If you want to party and fun you can count on the "nego"!


the Older Brother

Ed graduated in Physics - Teacher and Football Coach. Has Double graduation. He studied two years at the University of Coimbra in Portugal, where he specialized in soccer and recreation. During his life he lived in many cities. He began working at age 14 in the family business. He participated in various sporting events as an athlete and volunteer both in Brazil and abroad. He has traveled to places like Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Romania, Finland, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Canary Islands. He loves playing football and playing the guitar. A strong point, which shows that good music is in fact not lacking in CB Hostel.

Frequently asked questions and answers

1What is a Hostel?
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2What is the best time to meet Porto Alegre?
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3How late can enter and leave the hostel?
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4Can I use the kitchen at any time?
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5 What is the advantage of the bathrooms outside the rooms?
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